“No one ever changed the world by what everyone else was doing”
Mark Cuban, American billionaire entrepreneur

Even God wouldn’t get a grant today because somebody on the committee would say, oh those were very interesting experiments (creating the universe), but they’ve never been repeated. And then someone else would say, yes and he did it a long time ago, what’s he done recently? And a third would say, to top it all, he published it all in an un-refereed journal (The Bible)
Sydney Brenner, Nobel Laureate

Current research projects

  • Butler University, Nanomedicine Lab
    • Development of micelles, liposomes and nanoparticles for breast cancer treatment
    • Exosomes for delivery of poorly soluble anticancer drugs
    • 3D spheroids for assessment of anticancer drugs
    • Nose-to-brain delivery of drugs
  • Indiana University Theranostic Lab
    • Micelles and nanoparticles of block copolymers for treatment of glioblastoma
    • Microfluidics for production of uniform sized nanoparticles
    • Development of 3D neurospheres for in vitro assessment of glioblastoma drugs
    • Nose-to-brain delivery of drugs