Team Players

Dr. Erkine's LabThe lab has two parts: wet and dry.

In the wet lab you learn basic molecular biology including manipulations with DNA such as PCR, gel electrophoresis, construction of vectors, cloning in bacteria and yeast, screening libraries, and preparation of samples for NGS.

In the dry lab you learn basic coding (usually with R or Python), manipulations with datasets including partitioning, extractions, graphing and many others, in silico sequence set creation, sequence library design, and others.

Why you might need both? Think about designing a set of sequences based on YOUR idea/hypothesis which systematically make a protein of your interest more or less functional. You can design this set, order its synthesis in the form of oligonucleotides, and then clone it and test its functionality in vivo (read here). How many ideas/hypothesis do you have 1? 10? 100? You can design sequences for ALL of them, order synthesis for ALL of them simultaneously, and then clone and test in vivo in one pool (one wet lab experiment). As a result you will be testing hundreds of ideas simultaneously. This is called high throughput experimentation.