Lab Members

Current Lab Members

  • Audrey Marjamaa (BS student)
  • Chloe Kotrba (PharmD student)
  • Minghai Shao (M.S)-lab research associate
  • Naazneen Khan(Ph.D)-post-doc (over 8,000 views, if unable to access full video, video is also provided below)

Video from the Masamha Lab

Former Lab Members/Research Mentees

Delaney Straw (PharmD student)

Sam Smith (BS student)

Zach Todd: Eli Lilly, Indiana.

Tanvi Gandhi, MSPS: Senior Research Scientist, Eli Lilly, Indiana

Bettine Gibbs, PharmD: Ph.D. Student, Harvard, Massachussets

Kelsey Thomas, PharmD: PPGY1 residency, Jewish Hospital-Mercy Health, Cincinnatti, OH.

Patrick LaFontaine, PharmD: Associate Director, Global Health Economics and Outcomes Research Oncology at Sanofi Genzyme.