Masamha Lab

Principal Investigator

Chioniso Patience Masamha, Ph.D

Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Standing member of the NIH Molecular Oncology (MONC) study panel

Member of the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC)


Post-doctoral Fellowship (DoD Visionary postdoctoral fellow) University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston. Texas

Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center . Oklahoma

M.S. in Biological Sciences, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania.

B.S. Honor’s in Biology, University of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe.

External Research Funding

1R01GM135361-01 NIGMS/NIH

American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) New Investigator Award

Indiana Academy of Sciences

Department of Defense

Research Interests

  • Cancer Biology
  • RNA Biology (3’end processing) and anti-sense oligonucleotides (siRNAs and morpholinos)
  • Next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics
  • Precision Medicine

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