Caleb Class

Caleb Class took a circuitous path to becoming a data scientist in a pharmacy program. An undergraduate degree in chemical engineering led to a Ph.D. in computational chemistry, but he never forgot how much he enjoyed that Probability & Statistics class he took in high school.  A brief interest in the sports analytics boom instead became a passion for precision medicine, which involves the use of genomic, clinical and other data to help patients find the best treatment for their specific circumstances.  During his time at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, Caleb collaborated with dozens of biologists, clinicians, and other scientists on publications in Cancer Discovery, Nature Medicine, and other international journals. These collaborations required improvement in his understanding of bioinformatics techniques, communication skills with healthcare providers and bench scientists, and data visualization skills, using engaging charts to guide readers through complicated cancer biology discoveries.  Caleb joined the Butler faculty in 2020, and is currently developing new courses for the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, and the M.S. in Data Analytics program.